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Pioneer and southern cooking recipes

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Cast iron skillet cornbread
An old-fashioned favorite that is easy to make and a welcome addition to any
meal. A cast iron skillet makes a crispy, savory crust unlike any other.
Home canned pears with lemon and ginger
Cast iron cookware is a long time favorite of country cooks.  However, it does
require a little extra care to keep it seasoned and in top shape for the next
Muscadine grape pie
Pear trees are incredibly productive. When they produce, they often produce
enough for 3 or 4 families. If you are lucky to have access to one, try your
hand at canning a few pears and enjoy a taste of summer well into the cold
months of winter.
Few people today have enjoyed an old-fashioned muscadine grape pie. The
muscadine has been grown for generations on farms and homesteads
throughout the southern US. Some vines are well over a hundred years old,
and a few are even older.
Need a tasty dessert in a hurry? Try a super easy fruit dump cake. With only
two ingredients it takes only seconds to throw one together and get it into the

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