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The American Persimmon is a much misunderstood fruit. It is almost always
portrayed as an intensely bitter fruit that is used as a practical joke on some
unsuspecting person. While there is "some" truth to this, the reality is that the
persimmon is also a very sweet and delicious native fruit.
We built a chicken coop using traditional methods, but with an eye toward
saving money and even a little bit of the environment by making dirt concrete
and using recycled concrete block, windows, and a door.
If you like Cajun cuisine or perhaps you're looking for a natural thickener for
soups and other dishes, you might take a look at file' powder. It is made from
the leaves of the sassafras tree. The sassafras range covers most of the
eastern half of the US and easy to spot.
Over the years I have transplanted hundreds of trees and along the way I've
learned a few things that go a long way toward success. Here is a
demonstration of transplanting a red maple seedling from the edge of the
woods into a prominent location in our yard.
Black walnut husks provide an all natural way of dyeing wool and cotton. It not
only provides a beautiful brown color, it is also colorfast. Here is a simple way
to dye a T-shirt.

How to Dye a T-shirt with Black Walnut Dye

Transplanting a Tree from the Wild

How to Make Filé Powder for Cajun Cooking

Video: Making Lye Soap from Lard & Wood Ashes